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Of the 7 aircraft housed in our Hangar, 6 are privately owned.

This is our CAF assigned L-Bird’ the

1944 Stinson L-5

Chief Pilot Col. Terry Dunn displays “Crossed Fingers” as he makes his way to the annual Spot Landing contest

1951 Cessna L-19 Birddog

Col. Glenn Mount’s restored L-19 Dog at the Modesto Air Show

1943 Taylorcraft L-2

Col. Eddie Enrique and Bob Holloway polished their L-2 for the Annual Dinner Dance

1945 Piper L-4

Col. Dennis Cummins beautifully restored L-4

1943 Aeronca L-3B

Col. Glenn Mount’s L-3B

1946 Ercoupe

Col. Victor Johnson getting ready to take his N3074 Hotel for a spin around the patch.

1973 Bulldog

Beautiful representation of Scottish Aviations 120/121 Bulldog.

Used by the RAF as a basic trainer they were designated Bulldog T.1